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The Original Historical Walking tour 
with a culinary twist​​

Butcher's Chop House is so good. We had a wonderful taste of filet with a crab cake on top. One person doesn't even eat seafood and he loved it! They complimented the dish with heirloom cherry tomatoes and sautéed asparagus over mashed potatoes. A lovely dish in a beautiful atmosphere. 

Riverhorse is flat out amazing. Chef prepared a tuna poke served on a lovely crispy chip over a salty good seaweed salad. Speaking my language, but it didn't stop there. Over grilled pineapple he prepared a perfectly cooked blue marlin with a bit of tabiko on top. Take a look at the beautiful sear on the marlin and the grill marks on the pineapple, enough to give you chills. 

Chef Matt from Handle Restaurant picked the elderberries you see here from his backyard. They were so fresh and tasty. I think of them as being tart but they were sweet and delicious. 

Mountain Town Olive Oil celebrated the holiday season with style. your paragraph here.

Wahso Restaurant served an amazing chicken curry soup.

The ultimate compliment is when a large group like this comes back for a second year. I think we might have had more fun this year then last. I can't wait for next year. 
Thank you so much,

Fun night at Tupelo. 

Great food

Great company

Great time

Zoom Restaurant featuring Chef Jordan and Chef John. Both amazing additions to the Sundance Resort Restaurants. 

Chef Adam of Flying Sumo prepared a shrimp roll with chili sauce and a little Sriracha to give this light dish a little kick. 

Riverhorse on Main's chef Dan made a marvelous filet for us with mashed potatoes and an amazing porcini mushroom with a butter sauce to die for. Green beans, caramelized and fried onions finish off the plate. Chef Dan is amazingly talented. The only part that confused me is why they bothered with a steak knife when the meat was so tender you needed no more then a fork. 

Riverhorse Restaurant prepared delicious lamb chops over pappardelle pasta. Wasatch porcinis in the cognac cream sauce gives a warm earthy flavor to the chops. 

An absolutely rich and wonderful flavor. i'm getting hungry again thinking about it.

Bite Me Pastries makes delicious truffles and brownies just for Park City Food Tours. 

Chef Matt Harris prepared a wonderful deviled  egg highlighted with crème fraîche and then caviar to top it off. Chef  credits John-Georges with this fabulous dish. A little something he learned under his mentor. 

To finish off the dish was a glass of bubbly Prosecco. 

I love the baby blue egg on top a bed of salt. So pretty.  

Chef de cuisine Nick is cooking Chef Matt Harris' food to perfection. Amazing layers of flavors on beautiful proteins. Delicious!

Chef Ryan of Riverhorse shows off his culinary excellence with a scallop over risotto and a goat cheese and artichoke stuffed pepper. Delicious!

Flying Sumo's Chef Adam served up a veggie version of my favorite the Toykyo Nacho. This taste was almost as good as the real thing, well almost. 

Such beautiful presentation, my photo does not do it justice. You can barely see the beautiful yellow pepper or the amazing pickled veggies. 

Very tasty and beautiful. 

Zoom Restaurant served a mussle cioppino that was the meal of the night. The pepper and onios with the halibut and tomato sauce is enough to keep you warm all winter. 

While Wasatch Brew Pub is known for its beer, they have tasty Pub grub as well. 


Sean Marron of Tupelo Restaurant shares the beauty of bubbles with the tour. He pairs a perfect bubbly wine with their crunch crab cakes. 

Handle puts together a charcuterie plate in their open kitchen.

Vinto prepares a lovely pizza with prosciutto, melon, arugula and shaved parmesan. It's a play on prosciutto wrapped melon which gives it that light and refreshing flavor. 

Chef Jose prepared beautiful lamb chops for us. The melted herbed butter over the tender meat made this an instant hit with the crowd. Classically Frenching the bone gives the plate an elegant look. The sauteed spinach and creamy mashed potatoes finished off the tour with a fantastically full feeling. 

Chef Dan of Riverhorse served an ahi tuna, with a frisse salad an halibut over dirty rice that you could live off of for a lifetime. So delicious.

Chef Dan of Riverhorse prepared a duck confit and cheddar cheese stuffed poblano pepper that was tempura coated and fried. Oh my gosh, it was so decadent.

To cut the richness of the pepper he prepared a two bit piece of pork belly. Seriously is there anything better then pork belly. There goes the diet again. 

He placed this delicious bite over avocado cream and finished it off with a snapdragon flower. 

No I'm not kidding, it was that good!

Silver Restaurant served an Alaskan King Crab salad over a thinly sliced cucumber with refreshing honey dew melon to lighten and sweeten the taste. The watercress leaf brought color and a bit of a bite to the salad. 

Chef Anne of Vinto

made a fun pizza for us. When you get the meat, arugula, melon and shaved parmesan in one bite, it's like a beautiful song in your mouth.  

Windy Ridge Bakery is a fantastic concept. They bake all of the breads and prepare all of the desserts for their many Bill White restaurants. Of course people want to come in and taste their goods so they sell their freshly made pastries. Here is their butter croissant. Since we live at 6,000 ft the pastry chefs have to modify the recipes slightly. Did I mention butter? I think we all know the best croissants are the ones that you can peal off layer by layer and these do not disappoint. They are buttery good and I would highly recommend. 

Handle has started making its own sourdough bread. It's so light and fluffy. It reminds me of Despicable Me when she grabs a stuffed animal and yells it's so fluffy. Ok, so maybe you had to see it. 

There is nothing better then fresh sliced bread with the hard crust and soft hole ridden inside. You know the air bubbles were baked right into the bread and it will sop up anything you put near it. 

Chef Anne prepares my favorite salad. I love this salad because it has every fresh vegetable that they can think of inside, as well as, a little red quinoa. Each bite has a fun surprise of flavor and the light basil vinaigrette compliments the salad to a T. 

Chef Adam of Flying Sumo does a phenomenal Tokyo Nacho. Even if you don't come on a tour you have to go there for these. They have the crisp crunch on the bottom to match the flavorful tuna and funky sauce. For color and flavor they add chives, tobiko and cilantro. I literally dream about these at night! 

Serving new American cuisine, Mustang Restaurant brought out  a house made potsticker. The potsticker is crispy on the outside and chocked full of chicken and green onion on the inside. The ginger and garlic sauce is a perfect compliment to the dish.

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Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Shirin and I have lived in Park City for well over 2.5 decades now. Yes, that does mean I'm getting old :) The food tours are a ton of fun, it's one of my favorite things to do. If you think about it, the people who come on the tours want to have an adventure, want to talk about food and history and they want good food and drink. What more could you ask for. The tours just make me happy.  

We hope that you enjoy the pictures of the food tours and even more so a tour. 

Thank you, Shirin Spangenberg

Photos of Food tours

Riverhorse on Main served an Asian style tuna tartare atop a fried wanton and a pan seared scallop with a sweet chili sauce atop. They also had dirty rice which was absolutely delicious.

I have a feeling I will be talking a lot about Riverhorse this summer.


For the non seafood eaters they served a venison chop with cherry spruce beer, polenta fries (seriously if you have never had polenta fries it's time, so good!)

On the other side of the plate is a buffalo tenderloin with port wine, huckleberry compote and fried onion rings. Mouthwatering!

So excited to have Riverhorse on Main on the tour. They served a deconstructed French onion soup with seared pork belly topped with micro greens. They also shared their blue corn chip encrusted sea bass. Amazing!

Beautiful cold beet soup from Zoom topped with a decorative yogurt, micro greens and beet chip. This dish was so refreshing and delightful. Even those who didn't like beets enjoyed this soup.

Wahso has a beautiful setting to enjoy their salad.

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